The control panel is the brain of Rotary, here lies the heart of the machine and technology Robopac  that is the Multilevel-Control. The MLC enables one application to DOC of the stretch film at any height of the product to be wrapped. The graphical interface of the latest generation enables easy and immediate of all functions available.


Colors touch screen display 7''

User-friendly interface

The control panel has been newly designed, adopting it to a touch screen. Thanks to the large color screen this new panel allows you to create programs simply and immediately. It is supplied with more memory to record up to 12 different programs (6+6 with Multilevel Control).

Features adjustable from control panel

Film stretch on PDS or tensioning film on FR
Arm rotating speed
Top wraps/ bottom wraps
Upward/downward speed carriage
Start from the ground
Photocell delay
Manual carriage downward
Manual pressure platen up/down
Cycle recording
Upward or downward or alternative cycle
Top sheet cycle
Pressure platen cycle
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