Robot S6 PVS Power Variable Stretch Roll Carriage
The Robot S6 features Robopac’s Patented S Winding Pattern Roll Carriage with Quick Load System that provides 40% more film contact than the W Winding pattern commonly used by competitors. This provides better control of film through the roll carriage and reduces film breaks.
This innovative, dual motor pre-stretch system provides you the ability to pre-stretch film from 150% up to 400% using two independent motors. The Robot S6’s variable pre-stretch delivers the best film economy for all films and all loads. Six selectable wrap patterns allow you to optimize each of your load types, reduce damage, improve productivity and reduce film costs.

Quick Load System

Quick Load System

Robopac’s patented high-performance S wrap pattern with Quick Load System and load cell corner compensation & containment force device give you total film control.


Secure Your Load Properly

The Robot rotates around your load, leaving it stationary and reducing the risk of shifting or falling as with turntable wrapping. This makes the Robot an ideal solution for wrapping unstable or extremely light loads.
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