Dealer meeting

Düsseldorf, Germany 06-05-2017 TOUCH THE CHANGE

Robopac Dealer Meeting Interpack Düsseldorf 6th May 2017

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Duesseldorf 13-09-2016 JUMPING FORWARD

Robopac Headquarter 13/09/2016 Gualdicciolo, San Marino Repuplic.

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Duesseldorf 10-05-2014 TOTAL CONTROL

INTERPACK Expo Duesseldorf 2014

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Rimini 12-06-2013 APP-DATING DAY

PACKOLOGY Expo Rimini 2013

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Duesseldorf 14-05-2011 TASTE THE BEST

INTERPACK Expo Duesseldorf 2011

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Rimini 09-06-2010 EVOLUTION

PACKOLOGY Expo Rimini 2010

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