• 110” Wrap Height Capacity to ensure you can wrap even your tallest loads.
Masterplat standard features include:
• 4,400 lb Capacity Turntable supported by 28 heavy duty casters.
• 65" Diameter Diamond Plate Turntable will easily accommodate 40" x 48" loads.
• Forklift Portable from both the front and back. Making it safe and easy to place the Masterplat anywhere in your operation.
• Anti-Fall Device. The film carriage’s anti-fall device protects workers and products in the unlikely event of chain slippage or breakage.
• Roll Carriage Safety Stop immediately stops the roll carriage in the event a person or product contacts the roll carriage as it travels downward. This protects both your people and your product from injury and damage.
• NEMA 12 Control Panel Enclosure protects against dust, dirt, fibers and lint. It also protects from dripping water, external condensation and other noncorrosive liquids.
• CE Approved, conforming to global electrical and safety standards.
• Control panel is UL508 approved.
• Infrared photocell detects dark, clear and reflective products. Eliminates false reading of gaps in loads.
• 250% Prestretch Roll Carriage with Robopac’s Patented S Winding Pattern and Quick Load System.
• Multi-Level Variable Containment Force is adjustable up to 9 times on each load.
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