The Robot S6 was designed for the demanding American customer. It includes performance and application features that either cost extra or aren'tt available on stretch wrapping machines from other manufacturers.
• Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch. You can adjust the pre-stretch up to 9 times on each load from 150% up to 400%.
• Multi-Level Variable Containment Force is adjustable up to 9 times on each load.
• 110” wrap height capacity to ensure you can wrap even your tallest loads.
• Background suppression photo eye automatically detects top of load and utilizes infrared sensors that provide better readings on dark and/or shiny products that can provide false readings with traditional sensors.
• Forklift portable from both the front and back. Making it safe and easy to place the Rotoplat 708 anywhere in your operation.
• CE approved, conforming to global electrical and safety standards.
• Control panel is UL508 approved.
• Heavy duty pressure sensitive bumper with automatic emergency stop protects your operators and reduces damage in the event of impact with walkie or forklift. Bumper is also forgiving of heavy product falling on the bumper.
• Auditory alarm throughout the wrapping process to protect your operators.
• Visual alarm with flashing light to ensure the safety of your operators.
• Plus CUBE Technology…exclusive to Robopac!
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