Robopac’s Intuitive 7 Inch Color Touchscreen makes it easy to set up the correct parameters for wrapping each of your loads. You control containment force, rotation speed, roping and banding at 9 levels on each load.
Lock in the best wrap settings for up to six completely unique load configurations and save them. Your operator can then recall the appropriate program over and over with a touch of the control panel. You can name each program to ensure that your operators always select the correct standard.


Total Control

Multi-level containment force settings on the control panel deliver optimal containment force at each level and enable delivery of the highest pre-stretch levels.

Color Touchscreen

Color touch screen panel with intuitive software gives the operator more control while simplifying the machine operation.
Six wrapping menus allow you to easily select the best wrapping pattern for your loads and consistently repeat the pattern time after time.
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