To meet the growing demand for packaging customisation and optimisation regarding specific product features, Robopac is introducing MULTILEVEL CONTROL for the first time, the innovative hardware and software solution installed on all Robot S6 model.

Colours Touch Screen 7''

User-friendly interface

The high performance 7-inch colour touch screen with icons specifically designed and created by Robopac has led to the implementation of the MULTILEVEL CONTROL function.



MULTILEVEL CONTROL is the new solution installed on Robot S6. The function can be simply and intuitively enabled on each of the six saveable programs. Product height can be broken down into 5 different levels, all thickness adjustable, and film stretch, pre-stretch (only on driven carriages), reinforcement wraps, plate rotation speed, carriage speed, film roping type and even pressure platen use or bypass, if, obviously, installed as an option, can be adjusted on each of these. But that’s not all. Each of the 5 levels can be set with values depending on the carriage drive direction, meaning even different for ascent and descent. This aims to save film and reduce cycle time with clear benefits to productivity.

Features adjustable from control panel


  • Rotation speed adjustment
  • Carriage up / down speed adjustment
  • Top, bottom and reinforcement wraps setting
  • Upward and downward film adjustment (FR, PDS, PVS)
  • Pre-stretch adjustment up and down (only on PVS)


  • Manual carriage upward-downward
  • Up-down cycle, upward only or downward only
  • Top sheet cycle
  • Program for large or cylindrical products
  • Photocell delay adjustment
  • Altimeter
  • Off-set from the ground
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