S03 / S07 / S14

S03 / S07 / S14

The overwrapping machines range is dedicated to the packing of any kind of product into weldable film. The machines are composed by two reel holders (one for the tear strip and the other one for the film), a cutting device, built up of a rotating and a fixed blade, a longitudinal welding device and a set of folders and welders to close the end sides.

S03 / S07 / S14
Format size change from PLC
Machine complete with film cut through rotative knife and in-line mechanical pusher
OUTPUT: S03 up to 60 products/min // S07 up to 60 products/min // S14 up to 130 products/min.

Available Models


S03 up to 60 products/min


S07 up to 75 products/min


S14 up to 130 products/min.

product benefits

Very simple control
Size change speed
Simple reel change
Possibility to carry out multi-layer packages
Completely mechanical
Print centering


Special controls are foreseen to maintain constant temperatures on the different welding devices, which can be adapted to different packing materials.
An important peculiarity of these machines is the possibility to bundle the product in a multi-layer package, only carrying out a simple size change.

This machines make overwrapping of boxes or other squared products; example of overwrapping of cigarettes packs, ovewrapping of soaps boxes, overwrapping of chocolate boxes or tables, overwrapping of soup bricks or liquids in bricks, overwrapping of perfume and cosmetic boxes.


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