Employees of the logistics centre of Conad del Tirreno in Altopascio, in the province of Lucca, used to wrap products manually on pallets to be delivered to different outlets.
Focusing on optimising the flow of goods, establishing a certain cost per pallet - starting from the amount and price of film used - and being able to provide more efficient support to the outlets of the cooperative in Tuscany, last year, Conad chose to rely on Robopac solutions.
Conad logistics centre receives various pallets from factories that produce different products, which are sorted and stored.

Employees must process orders from the outlets with picking and preparation operations and delivery of the packages. To improve its packaging process, Conad del Tirreno has installed
four Ecowrap machines, semi-automatic wrapping machines by Robopac with a rotating arm to stabilise loads.

These machines have allowed for an increase in production, a decrease in labour, a reduction in film use, and pallets to be stabilised more safely.
Conad del Tirreno, with its establishment in Pistoia, is one of seven co-operatives among retailer entrepreneurs associated with the Conad national consortium.

It has 212 associates, with 341 outlets and 9,500 employees.
It is a pilot project that could be replicated in many other sorting centres of Conad, as well as other important chain store players.

Considering the obvious benefits offered with this solution, it is certainly a sector that offers great development for Robopac.

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