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Meypack VP602 Tray/lid packer

Meypack VP602

The modular machine platform of Meypack’s VP600 series unites flexibility with variability in a compact execution. It offers excellent options for initial machines and upgrades in terms of performance and product diversity.

Meypack VP602
Modular construction
Continuous operation on one level
Compact machine footprint

product benefits

Up to 35 cycles per minute for wrap around cases (VP601)
Gentle product handling
Product diversity & flexible layout

Secondary Packaging

Assisted opening | © OCME
Assisted opening
Open Carton
Open Carton
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Inner flap
External flap | © OCME
External flap

visão geral

The Meypack VP600 modular system allows for maximum flexibility and can accommodate wrap-around cases and/or tray lids within the same machine frame unit, just by adding or removing blank magazines as required. The reduced footprint is ideally suited to modern industrial production environments where space is a premium.

In addition to the intermittent VP400 series and the continuous high-speed VP500 series, the VP600 series is Meypack's third series in the case packing sector for processing especially small products such as pouches, small trays, folding boxes into trays, trays with lids or wrap-around cases.

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