Envases is a fourth generation family business, with more than 60 years of experience, which is characterized by high levels of investment in innovation and patented technology.

It produces a wide range of aluminum cans, vials and bottles, mainly for the Home & Personal Care and Pharma sectors. The two modern Envases production plants (in Spain and UK) are optimally equipped to meet the technical needs of the various productions.

Envases has always focused on improving quality and efficiency. About 80% of the production is addressed to the cosmetic sector but the use of aluminum aerosol cans is also increasing in other markets: personal hygiene, beauty products, pharmaceuticals, household products, food products, automotive sector. The excellent quality of the material and its protective properties make aluminum cans suitable for all types of propellants and formulations. The aluminum aerosol cans guarantee a high standard of compatibility with the product and the monoblock production process ensures excellent protection properties. At the same time, however, the variability in the shape of the containers makes the tertiary packaging process complicated, especially in palletizing the layers and wrapping for stabilization of the palletized load.

For several years, Envases had chosen Robopac as a technology partner, particularly for pallet wrappers, with an automatic wrapping line in Spain and some semi-automatic wrappers in both plants in Spain and the UK. Wrappers with different production capacities and technical characteristics, which have long operated and continue to operate successfully in the company's production facilities.

When looking for new fully automated end-of-line solutions for the UK plant, also following some changes in product packaging, Envases examined different load stabilization technologies. Among them, Envases' engineers focused on 2 technologies in particular: stretch film wrapping or stretch hooding.

After a series of tests on real loads carried out both at the hooder's production plant and at Robopac TechLab, Envases' engineers were extremely satisfied with the results obtained with the Robopac wrapper solution, and rejected the hooder solution, confirming a renewed confidence in their historic partner. A decisive contribution was made by the ability of Robopac wrapper to provide greater load stability by using less film than the competing solution, all without any damage to the product.

Therefore, Envases has studied together with the Robopac team of experts a complete end-of-line wrapping system consisting of conveyors, an automatic pallet labeler, 2 top layer applicators with double magazine and automatic layer selection according to pallet size, pallet centering devices and 2 arm wrappers Helix 1 EVO equipped with Cube TechnologyTM, Top inside for the application of the top film, top presser with adjustable pneumatic bending machine, spring clamp with contrast for film-free finishing without tails, pallet lifter and band clamp. The plant has been recently installed and has allowed Envases to significantly reduce its logistics and internal product handling costs.

Thanks to Robopac innovative solutions, Envases products are palletized, stored and transported in complete safety, ensuring safe handling throughout the entire supply process.