COMBIPACKER Automatic pick and place packer

COMBIPACKER | © Combipacker - Automatic Pick and Place Packer Machine

Combipacker Automatic Pick and Place Packer Machine with setter and sealer stands out for carrying several processes in a single equipment, in other words, set the ‘’American suitcase ‘’ type cardboard, group and pack products precisely and smoothly, through servo motor system, which gives agility, efficiency and accuracy to the process, and seals their superior tabs with tape or hot melt.

COMBIPACKER | © Combipacker - Automatic Pick and Place Packer Machine
Variable production capacity of 14 CPM (cycles per minute)
Compact and versatile solution
Possibility to operate with layers inside the box and apply cardboard

Benefits di prodotto


Uniformity and increased productivity, contributes to improving line efficiency and reducing costs with material waste and rework.


Maximum Flexibility, Efficiency and Speed ​​when packing complex geometry and cap bottles.


It is developed with a friendly and intuitive interface, facilitating the programming of recipes and set up adjustments.


It guarantees precision in the distribution of complex geometry bottles.


Ergonomic concept construction, easy access for cleaning and maintenance operations.

fully automatic

Repetition of continuous movements fully automated. Eliminating human effort in repetitive motion movement.


Possibility of integration of the entire line and lower operator intervention.


Automation at the end of the line, easily adaptable to a wide range of production lines.


Machine designed in compliance with relevant safety and project standards.


With a capacity up to 14 cycles per minute, which may vary according to the product to be managed. The equipment has a box feeder magazine that is filled manually by the operator, with capacity up to 100 boxes of 6mm, increasing the capacity if the client needs (Module of 100, 150 and 200 boxes). The main structure is made in polished stainless steel or gray carbon steel.
These are set up and go to the Cartesian packer, after packing, go to sealing the top and bottom tabs. The main structure is made in polished stainless steel or *carbon steel with gray paint*(Gray carbon steel). 

Versatility to fit in each client’s production according to their needs, through the project adequacy and customization. Equipment developed and projected to fulfil the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, sanitizing and chemical industries, among others. Recommended to products of 1L or 1Kg.


Option & schede prodotto


This system has internal sensors that indicate the presence of the product, when there is a fault and the product is not collected, the machine interrupts the next cycle so that the problem can be solved avoiding that some boxes will be leaved withless product.


Vision system for detecting the presence of bottles in the box. When a missing item is detected, the output conveyor of Case Packer is interrupted, preventing the non-conforming box from being sealed, palletized and shipped.

Supervisory system

Remote Access

Quick set up system for box lockers

Has knobs with turn counters in easy reach for adjusting the box stops.


Quick set up system for box lockers

Quick set up system for open tabs set

Quick setup system for adjusting bottle guides

Aiming to optimize the bottle setup process, this system integrates the concept of quick adjustment of the guides, necessary when exchanging bottles with different diameters.

Quick setup system for adjusting bottle guides

Preparation for plug in play set for total guide change

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