In recent months, an installation was carried out of PackettoTM at a well-known customer’s plant: Coca-Cola HBC Italia, located in Oricola, which is part of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company.

The PackettoTM SMART system has been installed on an existing Vega shrink-wrapping machine. With this revolutionary innovation in secondary packaging, the standard aesthetics of the bundles has been increased and uniform results obtained for all bundles produced.

The fierce competition in the packaging industry led OCME to create this new packaging concept that maintains the same characteristics of a traditional shrinkwrapped pack, but improves it. Smart Packetto offers wrinkle-free packs, film savings and increased print area for branding artwork, making packs more recognizable on the supermarket shelf.

The improvement is possible thanks to the application of tiny dots of glue on the bottles, on to which to the film is applied.
During the shrinking process, the film remains in position, so the pack is perfectly formed.
Also thanks to the method of fixing the film, the amount of film used is reduced by up to 30%.

With Packetto™ solutions, customers have access to new tools that can upgrade the image of their brands, save money and raw materials, whilst respecting the environment.

Dr. Stefano Lavorini, Publisher at Issues Dativo (ItaliaImballaggio, Converting, Impackt, PackBook, DativoWeb), comments regarding the OCME innovation in secondary packaging:

“In the packaging sector, much has been done to reach out to the real needs of the consumer, but much remains to be done because all too often production and marketing needs prevail and these don’t always correspond to the expectations of the final consumer.

The packaging should constantly change so that it correctly interprets the demands of consumers.

For years, the manufacturers of secondary packaging machines have been looking for an alternative to traditional packaging, without finding it.

The choice made by OCME has been to create a brand new solution that renews this form of packaging and gives it a new life.

OCME’s solution is certainly very interesting for beverage producers because, not only does it save packaging material, it also saves energy thanks to a low power shrinkwrapper tunnel and above all, it improves the aesthetics of the pack on the sales shelf”

An innovation that was also recognized during the "World Beverage Innovations Awards" contest held at Brau Beviale from the 10th to the 12th of November in Nuremberg.

OCME came in the top 5 finalists among 356 applicants from 53 countries, getting a "highly commended" mention  in the "Best environmental sustainability initiative" category with Packetto™ technology.

An award that complete the one received in 2014 in the "Best technology innovation" category with the Vega Packetto™ as part of the finalists.

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