SOTEMAPACK SPA was born on 1974 and quickly started activity, first in Italian market, but, very soon, abroad.  

From the beginning its field was design and manufacturing packaging machines using the technology of P.E. sleeve wrapping.  
As time passed new technologies were added to the basic ones, mainly shrink wrapping starting from a centre-folded film and stretch wrapping.  

So in a short time Sotemapack developed into two main and developed the characteristics to have a very large production range, covering very different areas, from the multi-pack of food products (cans, tins, jars, bottles and boxes) to wood industry packaging, from E.P.S. packs to sophisticate solutions for very different industrial products.  

Today, the product range includes tray plus carton wrap around machines and shrink wrapping solution.  

Since 2018  Sotemapack is part of  Aetna Group covering the medium-low speed demand for carton and film solutions.  

Together with the other units of the group the Company is able to provide full turnkey systems for the end of line.  

The company has a Highly experienced technical department capable to provide a continuous technical growth of products and to assure in the meantime the study of individual requests of its customers.  

   At the same time, following the development of electronics also its electrical and electronic department was increased and now the company can offer a specific state of the art software always with the aim to guarantee easy operation on its machines.  

Sotemapack in the same time, maintained an agile structure allowing easy contacts, flexibility and answers in a short time.  

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