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Robopac launches Rconnect, an optional device that can be installed on its automatic stretch wrapping machines.

R-connect is a system for controlling, collecting, processing and filing large amounts of data from installed machines. Through a dedicated access-controlled portal, accessible from PCs or any portable device, you can connect to all machines equipped with the Rconnect system and monitor their performance 24/7.

R-connect also allows you to make machine cycle improvements and provide remote assistance with direct connection to the Robopac Authorized Service with the ability to open ticket intervention.

The system is also set to automatically generate alarms in case of problems or scheduled maintenance. Rconnect also allows fleet control and management, for those with multiple stretch wrappers.

Within the various sections of the portal, referring to each machine, you can find updated versions of manuals, electrical and pneumatic diagrams, and operating statistics.

Thanks to R-connect you can get:

  • Consumption cost savings
  • Stabilization and security of your loads
  • Reduction of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Discover R-connect on Robopac Automatic and Semiautomatic Applications!


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