wrap around soft packs Automatic case-packer to wrap products starting from a flat blank for soft products

wrap around soft packs

Automatic wrap around case packer, incorporating infeed with vertical stacking system. Ideally suited for soft pillow bags or flowrapped packs such as pillow pack, wet wipes and so on.

wrap around soft packs
Suited for soft pillow bags or flow-wrapped packs
parallel or 90° infeed
Speed up to 40 stacking/min and 20 cartons/min


High speed infeed suitable to receive up to 120 products/min

Stacking system with double hopper in order to get the right alignment of the products. Double hopper enables continuous stacking of product whilst transferring collation onto the blank.

Transfer system of the products onto the carton blank by means of a mechanical pushing device.


Technical features

Power requirement kW 6
Air consumption Nl/min 300
Working pressure bar 6
Pneumatic   Camozzi
PLC   Siemens S7 / 1500
Display   Siemens
Magazin capacity   300 (3mm)
Hot melt   Robatech Concept
Infeed speed products/min Up to 120 products/min
Stacker speed layers/min Up to 40 layers/min
Performance packs/min Up to 20 packs/min



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