Today concludes Phase 1 of this tragic and unpredictable pandemic. We never expected to have to go through such a complicated time, both at work and, above all, personally. The pressing escalation of Covid-19 on a global level has imposed a revolution in our lives, with many limitations and sacrifices. A long period of health emergency that has also put a strain on our psychological stability and the entire socio-economic system.

The most acute phase now seems to have passed and, especially thanks to your precious and decisive contribution, we can say that we have successfully overcome this difficult moment: our Group proved itself to be solid and compact, united and determined to continue its activity, with a renewed spirit and the same quality as always.

In all Robopac and OCME plants, we immediately wanted to implement all the necessary actions to protect the health and safety of our employees and collaborators. This was our absolute priority. At the same time, we were able to guarantee the continuity of production, sales, product innovation and technical assistance; thanks to these efforts, our customers confirmed the trust we have earned in many years of successful collaboration.

For this reason, once again and beyond any rhetoric, we want to express a heartfelt GRAZIE to all of you who have put their best  efforts  into their work. A GRAZIE to those who came to work every day overcoming fear with courage, to those who assisted our customers promptly, to those who continued to travel, to those who knew how to be close, even if far away. A GRAZIE to those who, even from a distance, transformed their home into an office to support and sustain the work  of our frontline   staff. A  GRAZIE to all the colleagues of foreign branches who replicated our passion by transmitting it to all our customers around the world. A   also to our suppliers and to the entire Italian packaging valley supply chain that supported us. A special GRAZIE to our customers who appreciated our efforts and who continue, as always, to place their trust in us.

Not everything is behind us. We still have a difficult path ahead of us before we can say that we are out of it. But from tomorrow, wrapped in our courage, we will be packing the best of ourselves, delivering hope and conveying our strength to fill our future. We guarantee that we will never let our guard down; on the contrary, we will continue to keep everyone's safety as a priority.

We are aware that all companies must make their contribution to the community. For this reason, thanks also to your active collaboration, we promptly and free of charge packed thousands of masks for the inhabitants of the provinces of Rimini and Parma, giving the availability to public bodies and Civil Protection for any future needs. For this reason we happily donated two Robot Stretch Wrapping Machine to the Italian Red Cross offices in Rome and Avezzano, in the province of L'Aquila, to help the volunteers to properly pack all the sanitary equipment and other aid that will be distributed to the population. These actions testify how our Group is always close to the territory and aware of its social role and we are proud of this.

Italy had the burden of having to face this emergency first, and even though we were disoriented, we knew how to remember who we are, finding in our roots the pride to get up from this difficulty.

The country is slowly getting back on track and we are ready to push on the accelerator to close this delicate period and look to the future with confidence. We hope to be an example of strength and courage, our people represent our companies, our companies are the heart of our great country, Italy that resists, the company that does not stop, the people who throw their hearts over the obstacle.

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