Acqua Cerelia, the historic brand based in Bologna and market leader in the production of mineral water, has chosen Dimac and Robopac Systems to modernize its end-of-line.

The company has a central role in the collective image of Bologna, but, in addition to being a symbol of the region, thanks to the high quality and the healthy properties of its water, it boasts appraisers all over the word. “My family”, comments Ernesto Rinaldi (sole administrator of Acqua Cerelia)” has been in charge of the company since 1970 and after just 4 years we opened a new plant, moving from the original line (approximately 3000 glass bottles per hour) to a line capable of producing 12000 bottles per hour. The company has in fact always focused an avant-garde technologies, making use of 100% Italian technology. Together with Dimac, Acqua Cerelia has decided to go ahead with an important evolution in line ends, by introducing the wrap-around with the aim of making an aesthetic and practical leap in terms og quality (production savings, greater load stability, less transportation problems). Dimac has therefore provided a Starmaster F2 wrapping machine with newly designed shrink film (for bottles made from PET and glass) and Starwrap 4.0 cartoning machine. Lastly, with regard to palletizing, a Helix 3 Evo has been purchased from Robopac Systems; this automatic machine with rotating arm is used for the wrapping of palletized loads with stretch film and makes use of innovative Cube Technology.

“We have put all our trust in Aetna Group”, Rinaldi comments, “which has shown a great commitment in satisfying all of our requirements. We did this very willingly not only because we are geographically neighbors, but also because of the validity of the technological solutions proposed”.

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