A great challenge faced by Robopac, accepted and successfully met, was to meet the needs of Candia.

Candia is a company belonging to the Sodiaal group, leader in France among dairy cooperatives, which collects 4.7 billion liters of milk in more than 70 departments with about 20 thousand producers. Founded in 1971, the Candia brand has become a leader among the French consumer milk brands thanks to many initiatives that have marked its history: UHT bottles, packs with caps, flavored milk, enriched milk, growth milk.

Candia is a prestigious customer for Robopac, which has expressed the need for a shrink wrapping machine for the latest generation bottles dedicated to the bottling of fresh milk.

The development of the project was very important for Robopac. In fact, just over 10 years ago, Prasmatic had the opportunity to collaborate with the French group thanks to the supply of machines that had to solve complex dynamics, however over time those machines could only partially meet the production needs of the customer.

Robopac's constant evolution and innovation has led to new relationships and to a successful supply that demonstrated the full potential of the packaging solutions offered by Robopac.

In fact, Candia trusted once again the leading company and requested the supply of three TC400 C, shrink-wrappers only film for 45 cycles / minute production.

The new TC-series range of solutions for the end-of-line packaging, of which TC400 C is part, is characterized by great ergonomics, modularity and flexibility of the machines, as well as by its extremely compact dimensions that allow easy adaptation to the various layout needs.

TC400C fully satisfied the customer, who found the right answer to its needs, and it allowed an easy loading of coils, dynamism and precision.

Robopac has demonstrated once again how its competitiveness on the end-of-line is based not only on the very high rate of technological innovation and the excellent performance of the machineries, but also on the flexibility that allows to adapt the lines to the customer's needs, providing tailor-made solutions for every customer.

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