Trevalli Cooperlat is an agri-food cooperative company. It is one of the leading Italian dairy groups, with a 60-year history. Thanks to a modern and dynamic entrepreneurial model, it built a solid network of 11 cooperatives, located in 7 regions, which include agricultural entrepreneurs historically present on the territory. In the headquarters in Jesi, in the province of Ancona, there is the most important production plant, where most of the production is made, except for cheese, mozzarella, ricotta and yogurt.

The milk supplied by the associated producers is processed in the Company plants, in order to offer the diversification of the product categories: fresh milk, high quality milk, long-life UHT milk, cream, béchamel, butter, fresh cheese and seasoned cheese.

A very complex and dynamic chain, which draws, from the link with the territory, the added value that characterizes the wide range of products of all 10 brands of Trevalli Cooperlat.

The collaboration with Robopac Packers dates back to 2002 with the first installation of one wrap-around case packer, model TC300, entirely made of stainless steel in a wash-down configuration, in the Jesi production plant for the packaging of Tetra Pak bricks, model “square”, coming from two separate filling machines.

The TCS range consists of packaging machines dedicated to the food and dairy industries, where the primary need for reliability is combined with the need for a high number of packaging solutions and the respect of high quality and hygiene standards. The wrap-around case packer ensures the traceability of the products coming from each one of the filling machines, giving back as output cartons containing only the bricks of each line. This demonstrates the modularity of Robopac Packers machines, designed to adapt to the industrial layout and to the various packaging needs in a flexible and efficient manner.

In the following year, the success of the first installation led, in the Jesi plant, to the doubling in the installation of a packaging line for 200 ml bricks packed in corrugated cardboard full height trays. This is an extremely modular and flexible solution that well adapts to different types of packaging and that is ideal for high-speed productions. The extremely small dimensions are also a plus of the TC family machines, which allows easy adaptation to the most varied layout requirements.

The partnership continues and in 2013 Cooperlat installed a medium-speed shrinkwrapper of the MSW 450/C range, an automatic machine with medium-speed shrink film, where the primary requirement of high productivity is combined with high standards of reliability and flexibility. The choice answered to the need of shrink-wrap the square or circular section milk bottles coming from a single-wire belt in film only.

The MSW series is equipped with extremely advanced technologies, with electric axes with brushless motors for movement management and easy parameter programming and user interface.

The product separation and bundle forming groups have been designed to optimize the processing cycle and format change times. The control of unwinding and wrapping phases with brushless motors and the use of a cold film cutting system through a rotating blade guarantee correct film supply.

The purchase of the first TCS310C shrinkwrapper has led in 2014 to the purchase of a second machine, for 1-liter round-section milk bottles, and again in June 2021 with the W 90° version.

Today Robopac can boast the installation of more than ten secondary packaging lines in the Cooperlat group.

The consolidated collaboration between Robopac and Trevalli Cooperlat is, therefore, based on reliability and cooperation, where Robopac's attention to customer needs and the ability to offer customized solutions become integral elements for an extremely effective and optimized production management.


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