Thanks to the extreme flexibility and ergonomics of its end-of-line solutions, Prasmatic has recently concluded an important project for the Heinz-Bénédicta Group, giants in the production of sauces (principally mayonnaise and ketchup) at their plant in Seclin in northern France.

It is a wrapping machine with TC300 Combi wrap-around system and upper lid, suited to and personalized to meet the costumer’s requirements. The TC300 Combi range in fact allows for the realization of packages in wrap-around cardboard, full-length trays, packs with layer and film and packs with tray and film. The top-down bottle had to be dealt with in a specific manner, since it is critical for stability.

Its upwards pointing conical form rendered it impossible to optimally package the cap end; subsequently, Bénédicta expressed the need to place a tray above its product.

Prasmatic, after having received the samples, carried out a series of tests with the machine, realizing a complex pre-sale study before eventually defining the offer. In addition to the adaptation of the various modules, the utmost attention was paid to the ergonomic criteria in the feeding solutions for consumable materials, as well as to the accessibility of the machine parts to facilitate maintenance. The automatic format change is another added value guaranteed by Prasmatic.


In short, the advantages that led to the success of the project are as follows:

  • The enormous task carried out focused on ergonomics, which also affect the efficiency of the line;
  • The flexibility not only in terms of the different formats that can be processed, but also in terms of the different types of packaging (cardboard and film)
  • The ability to relies a “tailor-made” solution, understanding and, where possible, anticipating the customers’ requirements.
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