Jafora is an important producer of soft drinks and juices from Israel, recognized worldwide for its technical expertise and its excellence in the research of the latest technological solutions for its plants.

This is an historical customer for Robopac and OCME. For its new project Jafora Tabori has chosen Robopac and Ocme as reliable partners for the development of a palletizing system and an automatic centralized wrapping of four lines for CSD drinks (glass, cans and PET) at high speed, with a robotized palletizing solution and wrappers with CUBE technology.

In fact, the company's needs were to reduce and improve forklift traffic, control the number of operators and improve the ergonomics of their work, as well as reducing the TCO (maintenance, energy and consumables) through a flexible and compact solution, capable of managing over 120 different formats, occupying 30% less space than traditional solutions.

Robopac, also thanks to OCME's competence and know-how, has replaced the traditional palletizing systems from above and wrapping with a robotic solution from below integrated with a modern wrapping, which can assure the stability of the finished product until the chain of distribution, reducing the total TCO (total cost of ownership).

To improve the activity of the line operators, Robopac replaced the old palletization from above (which required units and ladders) with an equally fast but operational solution from below. To meet the needs of the operators on forklift, however, Robopac has reduced the number of missions and traffic, centralizing as much as possible both the loading of consumables at the end-of-line and the bays for picking the finished product, through the use of OCME’s shuttles on tracks.

The second requirement was to palletize and stabilize increasingly smaller and high-rate packs, to follow the new trends in marketing and in the distribution chain. At the same time, it was necessary to manage a greater rotation of products in the daily production plans. Through the development of a robotic solution with new technologies in the pick-up system of the product with gripper and software and automation in every part of the plant (transport and layer preparation area), it was possible to guarantee a format change in a few minutes simply by operating from the operator panel (including the product emptying phases).

Thanks to the compact and integrated design of the palletizing / wrapping system, particularly suitable for the limited space available in the factory, Robopac has finally fulfilled the customer's latest request: to renew the entire end-of- line without ever stopping the production lines.

In fact, the first part of the system was installed and tested, subsequently, through a design in phases and a coordinated site activity, the modifications to the 4 lines were completed, optimizing the space and leaving about 30% of it free for any future expansions.

Overall, the complete modification of the 4 end-of-lines consisted of modular robotic palletizing islands that involve the use of 16 robots, hundreds of meters of transport lines for bundles and fully automatic cartons in the software recipes and in the format change of the guides , shuttles on tracks and pallet conveyors, three ring wrappers model Genesis Thunder with CUBE TechnologyTM and a new bundling machine for the glass line.

Thanks to this high-tech palletizing and wrapping system it was possible to treat all the products currently in production at the Jafora plant: cans, glass and PET, in formats ranging from 20 ml to 2.5 liters and in packages ranging from 2x2 to 6x5 leading to the management of over 130 different SKUs (Stock Keeping Units).

The results achieved showed a reduction of the operators' activities by 50% , a reduction of TCO and downtime due to inefficiencies and change-over times. All this by expanding the number of products treated by 25% and reducing the space occupied by 30%.

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