Kingspan, one of the world's leading high performance insulation panel manufacturers, has chosen Robopac technology to delicately and flexibly wrap its products.
Spiror horizontal rotating ring automatic stretch wrapping machines were, in fact, deemed the best way to meet Kingspan's production needs.

The multinational construction giant - with production facilities facilities all over the world, with annual income near 2.9 billion Euro - already chose other Aetna Group machines in the past. Thus, this is a consolidation of Robopac's position as one of Kingspan's privileged partners in load protection and stabilisation and an important confirmation that will lead to other stimulating projects.

Wrapping flexibility and product integrity are also possible thanks to the MPS pre-stretch carriage (patented system) installed on Spiror wrapping machines. The fixed ratio carriage is able to pre-stretch film without using an on-board motor since it is mechanically powered by machine ring rotation. It allows film to be pre-stretch at wrapping start and is equipped with an automatic system that controls the quantity of film supplied near product corners.

Robopac, thanks to this project, thus gained the customer's trust while also beating out its fierce competitors.

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