Plzensky Prazdroj is the best-known beer producer in the Czech Republic.
Owned by Sab Miller - a major group in the beverage industry, acquired in 2016 by ABInBev - it was then recently sold to the Japanese giant Asahi.
Plzensky Prazdroj, another leading company that has chosen Robopac to modernise its packaging systems at the various manufacturing sites in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with the aim of improving production processes by increasing the traceability of its products, optimising stability and reducing the cost of packaging materials combined with high productivity.
An exciting challenge to which Robopac responded by setting up a dedicated team to customise the solution in order to improve customer satisfaction. The working group has started its intense Research & Development on various wrapping recipes.
In fact, the managers of Plzensky Prazdroj have used the services of the innovative TechLab by Robopac, testing the best wrapping solutions on their products and certifying its stability and the significantly lower film consumption.
Specifically,  Roboband machines were supplied to the Kegs lines at the various plants of the group for the application of an extensible film band with a patented integrated labelling system to ensure product traceability and automatic rotary ring wrappers of the Genesis range with high production capacity. The use of Genesis has allowed us to optimise the wrapping cycles, ensuring maximum flexibility and reliability in achieving high safety standards, as well as a significant reduction of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The latest  Genesis Cube supplied was implemented with the  Nip&Tuck device for pinching, cutting and threading the film without sealer, which guarantees complete absence of “tails”: the last tail of the wrapping film is inserted into the wrapping itself, thus avoiding the use of a hot plate sealer.
Innovation, overall cost reduction, maximisation of production results and of end-of-line times have led this leading beer producer to choose Robopac yet again, acknowledging the company’s technological leadership and confirming this long-standing partnership, which will certainly last over time.

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