ROBOPAC supplied RADNOR HILLS MINERAL WATER (UK) with its first automatic bottle wrapping system, solving the customer's need to speed up production (pallet wrapping was being carried out by hand) and save material, thereby reducing film costs.

RADNOR HILLS MINERAL WATER is a family company that supplies spring water and flavoured water to many of the major supermarket chains, such as Aldi and Morrisons, as well as marketing water with its own brand.
The company currently has nine production lines and growth in sales has brought on the need for a further two lines during the 2019/2020 period. Given the limited workforce  due to the plant's somewhat isolated location, the time saved by the operators is extremely valuable.

ROBOPAC UK installed a fully automatic ROTOPLAT 3000 HD line in July 2018 to automate the end of line, which has an output of 28 pallets/hour. This has allowed RADNOR HILLS MINERAL WATER to lessen the time it takes for forklift operators to pick pallets off the line and manually wrap them, saving up to eight hours a day.
This 8-hour saving allows operators to be more productive during their shift  in relation to other activities. Another important advantage is the savings on stretch film, a recent analysis of the line has shown an approximately  20% saving in film costs, which can be further reduced to provide savings  totalling up to 38%.

Prior to this, the company's customers had reported the problem of pallets arriving at destination with several bottles fallen.  Since the installation of the new ROTOPLAT 3000 HD line, which uses a system to reduce the wrap web to a "rope", feedback from customers has been very positive.
The ROTOPLAT 3000 HD automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating table supplied features a 90-degrees outfeed, the roping device, and the film's final edge sealing device, to ensure maximum pallet stability.

RADNOR HILLS MINERAL WATER has been using ROBOPAC semi-automatic wrapping machines for about six years, but this is the first time a fully automatic machine ha been installed. A successful partnership that is set to continue, growing and developing to the complete satisfaction of both Robopac and its customer.

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