Robopac machines played a key role in the upgrade implemented by a Canadian company after orders soared following a particularly difficult time.

This is the story of an major supply to Verger Ideal, a Canadian company that operates in product packaging, management, selection, and testing, as well as dry and cold storage, which chose Cartier - Robopac's Canadian dealer - to implement new solutions to improve reliability and performance, lower overheads, and lessen potential damage from downtime.

Verger Ideal handles co-packing, which means - essentially - that it looks after the packaging operations of various companies which outsource these activities. A sector which has experienced rapid growth, to which Verger Ideal was having difficulty responding with its current equipment.

That's is when Verger Ideal decided to contact Cartier, whose experts analysed the situation and provided a proposal tailored to the customer company's needs.

The installation of a Robopac Helix machine, i.e. a fully automatic wrapping machine, has enabled the company to step up the pace of production, while also reducing the risks of machine downtime. With this reliable, environmentally friendly machine, the company can count on returns from their investment over three years, 70% lower labour costs, and an over 20%, reduction in unit packaging costs. All numbers that persuaded the customer to make this investment in Robopac technology and allowed Verger Ideal to take a leap forward in quality and respond immediately to the needs of a rapidly changing market.

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