The countdown to Ligna, the global benchmark event for the woodworking industry, has begun at the Hannover Exhibition Centre. The fair opens its doors on 15 May with more than 1,100 exhibitors from 44 nations attending the event and until 19 May the organisers expect around 75,000 visitors. 

With a programme full of appointments, activities and side events, Ligna is the international showcase for innovations involving the entire wood processing chain, from raw material to finished product and delivery.  And it is precisely at the end of this value chain, before the logistics stages, that the technologies of Robopac Machinery and Sotemapack designed to ensure an efficient and safe end-of-line come into play.   

The two Business Units of the Aetna Group will thus be able to show in a 144 square metre stand (Hall 13 - Stand B38) all the potential of their machines and the strength of a Group that has been present in international markets for more than 40 years.  

Robopac Machinery, leader in the design and construction of packaging machines with a focus on stretch film or shrink wrapping technologies, is preparing for this event by deploying configurations designed to ensure maximum safety at every stage of handling and optimisation of the entire production flow.  

The historic Business Unit of the Aetna Group, founded in 1982, features a production output of around 12,000 machines per year, 90% of which is exported to the most important international markets. These are the numbers that make it the reference partner for reliability and technological level.  

The Orbit R13 will be showed at the stand: the rotating ring machine with spiral wrapping with stretch film, which is versatile and ready to connect to integrated work cells or lines: Orbit R13 is the ideal solution for horizontally packing large materials due to its large ring diameter and compactness. The use of the pre-stretch option also allows saving considerable amounts of plastic material.  

To accompany the Orbit machine, Robopac will show Pluripac 1500, the automatic cold wrapping device with reels of bubble wrap, foam or polyethylene film for even stronger product protection. With a reel length of 1500 mm, this solution is perfect for furniture industry products and can be configured in various ways according to requirements. At the stand, visitors will also see the Pluripac manual impulse version that will be integrated with a second horizontal wrapping machine: Compacta 6, highly valued for its flexibility, reliability and compactness. 

The fastest solution on the market for spiral wrapping of stretch film products will not be missing. This is the Spiror range with machine model 400 and integrated taping head, ideal for products with mainly lengthwise development.  

Completing Robopac's technological offering is Robot S7, a self-propelled machine with high packaging autonomy, equipped with R-Connect, a turnkey system for the end-user that allows constant monitoring of the machine correct operation in terms of updates, dangerous downtimes and technical problems.  

On the other hand, Sotemapack, which officially became part of the Aetna Group in 2018, covering the demand for carton and film solutions at medium to low speed, will be represented by the Spiror BW 2200 as a fully automatic, 4-sided orbital wrapping solution ideal for the furniture industry: thanks to its ring size, this machine model is perfect for packing insulated metal panels, plasterboard and other large materials.  

Robopac Machinery and Sotemapack represent a concrete response to the needs of the wood market, with cutting-edge stretch film wrapping solutions designed for an industry that sees Industry 4.0, connectivity and customisation of technological proposals as the only way to be competitive on the market.  

With Ligna, therefore, the Aetna Group not only confirms a strong presence at what is one of the most important events in the field, but also underlines its constant commitment to guaranteeing the quality of Italian-made packaging throughout the world. The Group's investments in innovation, which exceed 7% of its turnover, aim at providing its customers with increasingly high-performance solutions capable of eliminating production inefficiencies and potential damage to goods, as well as to reaffirm its vision for the future projected increasingly towards Industry and Enterprise 4.0, sustainability and green economy. 


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