FRUIT&VEGETABLES DIGITAL EVENT will be held on May 19 and it will be the first appointment of 4 virtual events that, from May to September, Robopac Machinery reserves to its dealers and end-users of the main development sectors (Fruit&Vegetables, Logistics, Wine&Beer, Aluminium&Wood), to present the latest technological innovations and create new expectations to the advanced packaging.
Robopac machinery is a world leader in the production of: semi-automatic machines for the stabilization of palletized loads with stretch film, macroperforated and net film; packing machines for wrapping with shrink film; taping machines that provide the automatic closing of boxes with adhesive tape.
The main topic of the first event will be the Fruit&Vegetables industry, in which Robopac Machinery will accompany specialists of the sector throughout the entire production chain: from the seed, to the fruit, to the processed product up to the transport to the point of sale.
The food sector sees Robopac as a first-rate partner thanks to versatile and high-performance technologies, which differ according to the different processing steps, and that are perfectly integrated into the entire process.
Fruit&Vegetables event - lasting about 30 minutes - will be streamed through a platform accessible after registration, and it will offer a direct demonstration of the technologies presented by our experts through the use of demo products. Our technical experts will also be available, during the entire event in live chat, to answer to every questions.
The products presented for the occasion will be: the new Robot S7, a self-propelled machine for packaging with stretch film, ideal for wrapping products of any size, shape and weight; the Combitech, automatic shrink wrapper, extremely precise, adaptable to various production needs and with excellent product processing characteristics; Masterwrap HD, the semi-automatic wrapping machine with rotating arm for stabilizing unstable and heavy loads; the Masterplat Plus TP3 turntable stretch wrapping machine. As automatic case erector, Robopac Machinery proposes Superbox HD; while the adhesive tape application is operated by Robotape CF. In order to emphasize the importance of the circular economy and sustainability issues, Robopac will present Recycle, a compacting machine dedicated to the recycling of raw materials that compacts consumables, such as empty and non-reusable cardboard boxes, and reduces their volume by up to 70%, also facilitating their transport.
Once again, Robopac stands as One Global Company and aims to reach the largest number of users with advanced technologies also applied to communication, to ensure the closeness to customers and suppliers even remotely, and support the values of trust and reliability that have always characterized the international partnerships of the group.


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