A beautiful story of social redemption and hope comes from a true champion at the Robopac factory in San Marino.

Andrea Sensoli, 41, who suffered a terrible accident in 2019, completely losing the functionality of his left arm, is aiming to be among the leading competitors at the next e-sport world championship, scheduled to take place in Iasi, Romania, from 24 August to 4 September.

It all began during an excursion aboard his Quad when Andrea suffered an accident followed by months of surgery, gruelling treatment and painful hours of rehabilitation, and finally the report that inexorably certifies 100 % disability of the limb.

"I had to get used to this new condition, both physically and mentally, and I often thought I would not be able to find the strength to react to what had happened. It was only thanks to the support of my wife, my son and all those close to me that I began to face the everyday life of a new life.

A fundamental part of his life was his job as a fitter, but it was no longer possible to do that job. At that point, the company proposed a couple of alternatives and Andrea chose to become an automated warehouse worker, where he now works with three equal colleagues and with admirable willpower.

"Returning to work was a bit like returning to normality and I can't help but thank Robopac for waiting for me and reintegrating me into work despite the fact that I was no longer able to do my previous job”. At that point, another solidarity initiative started in the company, which Andrea describes as follows:

"One of my favorite pastimes has always been to play with video games: it was a way of having fun and being in the company of my son. Not being able to do it any more added sadness to my days,' Sensoli says. 'Some time ago, a friend and colleague with whom I used to work closely on the assembly line at Robopac brought me a modified joypad that he had found on the Internet, telling me that I could go back to playing using only one hand. I was suspicious and excited at the same time, and after a few tests and some modifications I really started to get it going. It wasn't long before I was able to beat my friend just like in the old days. I started playing and having fun again, even in the company of my son, realizing that the game distracted and tricked my mind from the pain, giving me some relief“.

Now there is a challenge on the horizon that Andrea has decided to take up despite the fact that he has been training with the new modified console for less than two months: “I discovered that a tournament open to all was scheduled in San Marino on 25 March and I decided to try it, knowing that I would be competing against other able-bodied enthusiasts. With this testimony I want to give a signal to myself and to the many people who experience my difficulties, to tell my story because with willpower and the help of the people around us and who love us, you can start again. I would add that it always takes a bit of luck as well, and mine was to be able to continue working at Robopac, feeling gratified and appreciated for the work I do every day”.

Andrea took part in the tournament on 25 March to win the pass to Iasi: he came in 2nd behind an able-bodied competitor and now he can dream a wild card for the World Championship. Many congratulations Andrea, we are all with you!
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