Taking care of this aspect and many other strategic actions is the goal of Cerved, the largest Italian database that supports companies, banks, institutions and people to protect themselves from risk and grow in a sustainable way.

With a unique asset of data and analytics, it provides clients with services and digital platforms to manage risk and support data-driven growth, including consulting solutions. September 2021 Cerved joined ION Group, one of the largest FinTech players in the international market.

Through an editorial format called #YourCervedStories, Cerved collects the most important case histories, to give voice to those realities that stand out for their ability to anticipate market trends and scenarios, and has selected Robopac as the reference company for the Customer Satisfaction project.

Gianluca Buschi, Sales & Marketing Manager of Robopac Machinery, talked to the microphones of Cerved Stories about his satisfaction and the keys that opened the door to the success of this collaboration:

"Cerved helped us in the Customer Satisfaction project, first of all by fully centering the objectives we had set for ourselves; thanks to its expertise, it entered perfectly into Robopac Machinery's business model and go-to-market, translating it into an extremely structured project with an analytical and proven method. In addition to the expertise and effectiveness of the technical team that followed us, I think one of the success factors was the team working that was generated between the two companies."

Continuing in the interview, Gianluca Buschi also highlighted the results of a project that was able not only to confirm Robopac's strengths, but also to allow the company to get to know itself even better, highlighting those values that distinguish its brand globally:

"Mapping with a scientific and certified method the satisfaction of our worldwide dealers allowed us to confirm the strengths that our customers recognize in us: the company's leadership, solidity, great spirit of innovation. But what is even more gratifying is that they have recognized us, as a flagship, the ability to relate: our distributors see in Robopac a reliable partner, close, listening and with great professionalism."

The project, carried out together with Cerved, clearly highlighted the positive image of a solid and strongly customer-oriented company, enabling Robopac to receive the CSA (Customer Satisfaction Audit) recognition. It also made it possible to identify interesting insights for future developments and new areas for improvement, all of which contribute strongly to Robopac's spirit of evolution.

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