Robopac continues its meetings with students from technical institutes, to tell its stories and engage with young people looking for future job opportunities. This time the theme was "Women and Science", organised and sponsored by LavoroPiù, an event aimed at highlighting female figures in purely technical contexts: the beneficiaries were the boys and girls of classes III and IV of the Istituto Majorana, San Lazzaro (Bologna, Italy).

Technology and technical subjects are no longer a male prerogative. The presence of women in the world of work in general, and packaging in particular, is certainly an element in favour of the tenacity, commitment and perseverance that are required in our industry. The passion for technology shown by women, more and more numerous in our company, becomes a driving force behind successful projects of great innovative value.

The desire to grow and skills in the technical field now open up interesting scenarios for women who try their hand in companies such as those of the Aetna Group: studying, having curiosity and getting involved without stopping at the first difficulties are the ingredients that make the difference when embarking on a challenging path.

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