Aetna Group, world leader in the packaging industry specializing in end-of-line solutions, is ranked 26th in the list of "Champions of Export 2022", i.e. the Italian companies that stand out for their share of exported products in 2020.

The Group, with more than 1600 employees, 13 subsidiaries (France, England, Germany, USA, Russia, China, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico and Thailand) and 9 production plants, supplies its technology and services in more than 130 countries, reaching an export share of 91.59% for a production value of more than 330 million euros.

This particular award is designed to highlight the positive results of the various industrial sectors in Italy, which, despite the health emergency and consequent economic paralysis, have continued to produce and export a large part of their products, giving hope of a rapid return to normality in their respective fields. The ranking is the result of an analysis of more than 9,000 companies, with the aim of enhancing the value of Made in Italy, which is also strongly recognized in the capital goods sector, and looking more optimistically towards the global economic recovery. Besides having a turnover between 1,5 and 500 million euros in 2020, the companies were selected for their excellent products, extreme customization of configurations, level of service, relationships with their customers, excellent price-performance ratio and product and supply chain sustainability.

Thanks to its careful company management, which has always balanced investments with wisdom and foresight, Aetna Group has been able to meet new and unexpected challenges with great professionalism and teamwork. The result again has been the confirmation of a solid company, capable of developing and adapting to sudden changes. In addition to all this, a constant implementation of the offer, more and more based on sustainable solutions, has led to the integration of important companies in the sector, guaranteeing know-how, experience, network and knowledge of industrial processes.

An entrepreneurial reality that, like One Global Company, guarantees variety and prospects to the economic framework of the country, promoting a strong interpenetration between three main assets: technological innovation, green transition and training. As Statista's analysis shows, global vision and reactivity to change are two sides of the same coin for the Aetna Group, which speaks of innovation and the desire to increasingly consolidate its leadership in the packaging machinery sector, with customized and calibrated proposals to the target market.



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