As we honour the landmark of 100 Genesis Thunders sold to the Packaging Sector, we are reminded just how important it is to listen to your customers challenges, innovate without compromise and to have the passion to be best in Class.

The high-performance automatic rotating ring stretch wrapper, that the company has installed in more than 30 countries around the world, represents the top of the range among the series of automatic machines. With its high performance it fits the needs of different industries: from beverage to food, from empty containers to logistics, from chemical to tissue.

"A highly reliable machine, which in many years has allowed us to work optimally on the whole range of our products, guaranteeing safe packaging and the best production efficiency" - said the manager of CAVIRO, who are based in Faenza with over 50 years of experience in the wine industry. Caviro, in fact, was the first Robopac customer to install the Genesis Thunder.  They continued to put their trust in Robopac, the Genesis Thunder joined the Genesis HS50 and Genesis Futura 40 at their facility.

Our solution has cemented Robopac as the exclusive supplier, in Caviro, as far as pallet wrapping is concerned.  We increased the pallet stabilization, a sensible reduction of costs deriving from consumables (film, layers), as well as an easy and direct application of the solutions studied in Robopac TechLab.

"Thanks to the performances of Genesis Thunder, we were able to get the best results from stretch film, applying only the amount of film needed for each different package to achieve maximum pallet stability,"

Caviro continues...It is, in fact, the great versatility that marks the success of Genesis Thunder: the Cube technology, an exclusive Robopac patent - allows to optimize film wrapping operations and adapt it to any type of format, with high quality packaging, safer logistics and film savings of up to 50%.

A feature, that fully responds to the strong demands of environmental sustainability that the international economy requires and that reflects an evolved corporate vision, careful not only to intercept the most pressing production needs, but also to look at the impact that Robopac solutions can generate in the ecosystem.


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