Robopac has been chosen by Siemens as a successful case history, as evidence of the added value that a collaboration between two companies of excellence on the market can generate in terms of quality, know-how and efficiency.

This is an honor and a great satisfaction for Robopac that, together with Siemens, shares a global vision of business development, where the technological evolution represents the way to become ever more flexible, answering with tailor-made solutions to the different needs of the main top players all over the world.

It is only by focusing on this principle that Robopac and Siemens started to collaborate and become synergic in the development of the Robopac Smart Factory project, which started in the Robopac Machinery plants in San Marino and was then replicated in the rest of the group’s factories. The need was to improve processes’ flexibility and efficiency and to increase the production capacity: objectives that could be pursued by reaching the top of automation and digitalization in view of Industry 4.0.

It all started with the implementation of the Opcenter Advanced Planning & Scheduling solution, in order to optimize the scheduling activities of the production orders, following by the introduction of the MES system (Opcenter Execution Discrete) for monitoring the complete flow of production and the system dedicated to quality management, (Opcenter Quality), thanks to which it is possible to reduce defects and rework and thus to guarantee a high level of quality that is constantly under control.
These are the operations that we implemented, obviously relying on the indispensable skills of the people who make up our team.

Siemens has developed these operations for and in collaboration with Robopac, sharing the same values: the desire to get involved, which represents the mission for an evolutionary change, and the consolidation of an increasingly high performance and transversal know-how as the vision of a One global company, where the company, suppliers, partners and customers play towards a single important goal: to affirm the quality of packaging throughout the world.

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