Polaris Basket packer

Polaris | © OCME

Polaris is the new innovative packaging machine developed by OCME to meet the increasingly frequent market demand for packaging with fully recyclable materials.

Polaris | © OCME
Capable to cover highest production capacity
Machine footprint comparable to similar speed shrinkwrapper (easy replacement in existing lines)
Green basket pack: 100% fully recyclable

product benefits

Consumables are royalty-free
Low glue consumption
Blank loading area is at low level

the packer can be easily integrated with a fully automatic blank feeding system

Easy handling by means of carry handle
Carton flaps provide high marketing printing area

Processed products

Cans or tins
Cans or tins
Glass bottles
Glass bottles
PET bottles
PET bottles


As the North Star guided travellers to their destination, Polaris guides you to have a plastic-free solution to pack your cans at high speed.

With this NEW solution, OCME provides its customers a green packaging called “Pack2green” which is a 100% fully recyclable green basket pack.

It maintains the performance achievable with packers that use Shrink film, using instead a carton, totallly royalty-free, while providing a high marketing printing area.

OCME, in addition to offer the packaging design for Polaris, is also available to listen to your needs, both in terms of material and packaging compliance.

Polaris is the link between a traditional tray and a cluster machine.

The concept can be applied to cans – as shown – PET, glass bottles and many other applications.

At 300 basket per minute, Polaris has been designed to cover entirely and without limitations the production of the fastest lines in the world.

Polaris was designed to receive automated blanks to avoid continuous and exhausting work for the operators.

option & data sheet

Cygnus - automatic blank feeding

The capacity of the blank magazine can be fed with a robotic blank picking system that move blank into magazine directly from the pallet.

The pallet with blanks only needs to be positioned on the conveyor by the fork-lift truck driver who removes the wrapping
strap, after which the machine runs completely automatically for a long time. The operator is thus relieved of the need to lift stacks of blanks manually.


electronic selection unit

OCME has developed a solution called "electronic selection" that allows us to select incoming products without any contact so as not to damage the external surface in any way or, even worse, the label, which is totally devoid of traditional pegs: by independently motorizing each row of incoming products, it is possible to channel and dose - according to the format being processed - the containers without contact pressure.

With this system, format changeover also becomes simpler as there is no need to physically change the traditional peg bars.

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