Jeronimo Martins is a Portuguese corporate group specialized in the large distribution and retail sale of food. Its main office is in Lisbon, Portugal, where it was founded in 1792 but boasts two branches respectively in Poland and Colombia.

The collaboration between Robopac and Jeronimo Martins boasts a long duration thanks to Fitembal, Robopac reference in Portugal since 1990 for the trade of machinery and for the customer care service.
Since 2000, Fitembal and Robopac have been studying and developing new strategies for the logistics sector, an important segment of an open economy like the Portuguese one, defined by the movement of a large quantity of pallets.

Precisely this aspect allowed to establish, already in 2006, a successful collaboration between Robopac and Jeronimo Martins, developing innovative opportunities in the management of loads on wrapped pallets and in logistics programs, thanks to the know-how of the leading company in the development of machinery and technologies for the end-of-line in packaging. Over the years, this relationship has further developed with a first supply, in 2007, of 22 Robots with supply of stretch film, implemented in 2013 with the Robot S6 range, self-propelled packaging machines capable of packing any type of product, with any shape and size, even cylindrical shapes thanks to the inhibition of the electronic edge-counter system. Robot S6 is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, such as the new color touch screen control panel format 7, and highly advanced security systems.

The high autonomy of packaging and the extreme flexibility make it the ideal solution for all industrial companies that require maximum flexibility in terms of logistics and warehouse management.

The high performances of this machine have led all the Portuguese warehouses of Jeronimo Martins, to a further supply in 2019 of 27 Robot S6 with PDS forklifts equipped with pre-stretch, which can be fixed at 250%, or variable, thanks to the electromagnetic clutch positioned on the first pre-stretch roll.

Also in 2019 was developed a project designed to evolve Jeronimo Martins into an industrial 4.0, with the inclusion of 5 robots dedicated to controlling and monitoring the system. This further step has made it possible to optimize performances in real time, to increase the speed of production, to have accurate diagnoses and the possibility of remote or on-site interventions, as well as a drastic reduction in response times.

The partnership between Jeronimo Martins and Robopac, with Fitembal’s mediation, has proven to be a great success for both parties: thanks to Robopac technology, Jeronimo Martins can now boast:

  • a significant reduction in shop returns, previously due to defective packaging;
  • a sharp drop in the costs of stretch film;
  • higher production performance also by employees, much more cohesive thanks to the lower turnover.

Robopac, for its part, is also present with its plants and technologies in Jeronimo’s branches in Poland and Colombia, confirming a successful collaboration based on esteem and trust between companies that share attention to quality and efficiency.

Furthermore, thanks to this reference, Robopac has been able to create new collaborations with the 3 most important distribution and retail groups in Portugal, supplying more than 60 units of Robot S6 throughout the country.

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