A success achieved over time by following four fundamental points for the Tuscan company: a high level of quality, starting from the acquisition of raw materials up to the packaging of the finished product; the breadth of the range, both in terms of type of format and ingredients; a diversified production, which completes the traditional proposals with enriched, multi-grain, gluten-free, normoproteic and for infants.

This pasta producer also pays a lot of attention to packaging, an essential element that brings the company closer to the customer, conveying all the care given to the presentation of the products and their eco-sustainability. Therefore, if the primary packaging is considered an integral part of the company's products, their protection during shipping and distribution is just as important. So, the company turned to Robopac's solutions.

With an international market and shipments even to South Africa and Australia, they were looking for a reliable wrapping solution to protect their pallets of pasta. The technology adopted had to guarantee both production autonomy and very high flexibility: there were more than 200 different types of pallets with different dimensions.

Robopac offered a cutting-edge and versatile answer with the Helix 3 EVO automatic rotary arm wrapping machine, equipped with an integrated VCA12 cardboard corners application device; this allows to manage automatically, autonomously and simultaneously 3 different types of cardboard corners, without having to stop the production for manual changes.

The machine has also been designed and built to meet the requirements of I am at this stage, but I would like to have it with a person with whom I know I can spend my whole life together to increase plant productivity and improve product quality in order to allow interconnection with factory IT systems, automated integration with the factory logistics system or supply network and/or other machines in the production cycle; a simple and intuitive interface between man and machine and compliance with the latest occupational health, safety and hygiene parameters.

As with the entire range of Robopac automatic arm stretch wrappers, the Helix 3 EVO has been designed to minimize any risk of contamination and to facilitate surface cleaning, which is essential in the food industry.

Specifically, the machine is equipped with a dedicated device to cover the top surface of the pallet, for hermetic protection against water and dust.

In addition, the reel dispenser is located on the ground, outside the machine structure, for easy access.

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