After the many doubts, now is the time for certainty. The certainty, first of all, of the restart in a 2022 scenario marked by positive numbers and a new-found enthusiasm that has infected the entire packaging machinery and automation segment community.

Very encouraging signals have already arrived from other international reference exhibitions and now it is the turn of Drinktec, a highly anticipated event five years after its last edition. Here Aetna Group intends to leave a significant mark, also because for the first time it is presenting itself after the entry of OCME into the group, an operation that has doubled its weight on the market, making it, in fact, the absolute reference point for the end-of-line packaging industry.

The Group is tackling this fundamental appointment in Munich by fielding the best technologies as it has done at previous trade fairs this year: all the Group's companies were in the spotlight with impressive booths displaying machines and systems that demonstrated their live performance. This was a courageous challenge, which very few market players took up, while many chose more conservative strategies.

At Drinktec history is repeating itself: in a space of over 900 m2 a very high speed end-of-line system with a cartoner that reaches 100 cartons per minute, robot palletiser, wrapping machine and internal logistics is on display. There is space for the demonstration of real-time line monitoring systems, a sort of control panel that detects the efficiency of the line and suggests maintenance activities to be carried out with a view to preventing problems.

The medium-speed offer is given by an extremely compact line that combines shrink wrapping with shrink film and palletising with combined wrapping. Among the semi-automatics, on the other hand, the two proposals are the S7 robot and the Recycle compactor.

Then there is a solution dedicated to beverages, a stand-alone wrapping machine model Genesis Thunder with very high speed, capable of guaranteeing a production of over 200 pallets per hour, which is the best standard in the world. Genesis Thunder, thanks also to the patented Cube TechnologyTM, is a real concentration of technology, capable of achieving absolute level performance in terms of both speed and material savings, as well as load stabilisation that prevents damage that affects the quality of the final product and the resulting waste.


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