A great return to the Las Vegas Convention Center from 11 to 13 September 2023 for a full immersion dedicated to packaging and processing that will feature some 2,000 exhibitors serving more than 40 market segments. Described as the largest trade show in North America, in all likelihood this year's Las Vegas Pack Expo will be the largest and most comprehensive edition of this event since it began. 

As usual, Aetna Group will be among the leading players for end-of-line technologies, displaying the best of its innovation with the main brands Robopac, OCME and TopTier Palletizers, all presented together in a 360 sqm area at booth C-5038 in the Central Hall.
The American market represents a rapidly expanding pool for the Aetna Group, which it covers not only with Robopac and OCME, recently merged into a single site in Duluth, but also with TopTier, a production stronghold based in Portland (Oregon-USA) and, since 2015, an integral part of the Group. TopTier represents a milestone in the US, where it is recognised for its leadership in reliability and state-of-the-art technology in the supply of automated single palletisers or systems integrated with existing conveyors, as well as other material handling equipment.

For this important occasion, a wide and transversal range of solutions will be on display, capable of adapting effectively and flexibly to the needs of different sectors and multiple target markets. 

On the stretch wrapping technology front, visitors will find the ever-present Robot S7, a self-propelled machine built to wrap and stabilise palletised loads of any shape, size and weight ensuring maximum safety and ease of use. Rotoplat 708 will also be present, the best semi-automatic wrapping machine on the market with a rotary table and equipped with Cube Technology, a software and hardware solution that allows precise control of the stretch film on the pallet to ensure load containment and reduce potential product damage, while saving between 30% and 50% of material. The range of wrapping machines on display will be topped off with Genesis Futura 40, the automatic rotary ring wrapping machine that impresses with its low energy consumption and production performance, also equipped with ARC technology for automatic reel change. 

The range of case-packers will be represented by two state-of-the-art solutions: Prasmatic TCS from Robopac Packers and Sotemapack WA 20. The first is part of the series of automatic case packers mainly dedicated to the food and dairy industries where the primary need for high reliability is combined with the need for a large number of packaging solutions and the respect of high quality and hygiene standards.
The second, the Sotemapack WA 20, is a tray/carton combination case-packer with wrap-around system, capable of preparing up to 20 packs per minute and is perfect for flexible and stand-up pouches well as rigid containers.

Palletising and depalletising solutions designed by TopTier will be on display at Pack Expo. These are traditional and robotic systems for integrated stretch wrapping with a robotic arm for depalletising. 

Last but not least, to complete a truly efficient end-of-line, there are the LGVs we have laser-guided vehicles, produced by OCME, with integrated logistics management and control technologies. Designed to handle materials to and from the warehouse, these vehicles have a proven track record of reducing labour costs, improving working conditions for staff and increasing efficiency in material flow. 

With this in mind, Aetna Group is preparing for Las Vegas Pack Expo with a corporate vision as One Global Company capable of bringing together technology, innovation and sustainability, as a worldwide manufacturer of machinery and systems with top-notch standards designed for the target market. 


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