This autumn begins with the determination that distinguishes the Aetna Group, participating once again in a trade show of great interest to the European market. From 26 to 28 September, actually, the Group's companies will be in the spotlight at Stand J42 of the PPMA Show, the British fair based at the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) in Birmingham. This is an important city and industrial centre located in the West Midlands county in England, and whose name is associated with the 19th-century industrial revolution. 

We consider PPMA Show to be an absolute reference in the UK for packaging technologies and processes, spanning the most diverse product sectors - from food, beverage, pharmaceutical, pet food, construction and cosmetics. During the fair, more than 350 exhibitors will share key innovations and offer new insights on an increasingly competitive and technologically advanced industry. 

Aetna Group will present some of the most successful solutions in its space thanks to its knowledge and expertise focused on sustainable growth as well as its cutting-edge technology capable of ensuring the best process optimisation in terms of functionality, production rate and energy savings

First of all, Robot S7: Robopac Machinery's self-propelled stretch film packaging machine - suitable for products of any shape, size, and weight - recognised for its efficiency, reliability and ease of use. Robot S7 can be equipped with motorised P3GS pre-stretch carriage featuring 3 fixed selectable speeds, and the R-Connect system to constantly monitor the machine and optimise production parameters.

R-Connect system and PGS pre-stretch carriage also characterise another Robopac essential: Masterplat Plus PGS, the range of semi-automatic rotary table wrapping machines, which also features a special ramp for loading operations and a base of only 30 mm. Furthermore, it provides ease of loading, maximum flexibility, and safety.

For packaging operations, Robotape, a side driving taping machine range for closing variable-format cases, is the ideal solution. In fact, the ability to adjust from the panel the bridge position according to the case facilitates production optimisation and makes the machine a safe, flexible and customisable ally, thanks to its wide range of accessories.

With these cutting-edge technologies, Aetna Group and its brands will be able to distinguish themselves at the PPMA Show as an international company with advanced and customised solutions that meet the needs of different markets. 
With its 40-year history, the Aetna Group continues to expand and consolidate its leadership in the most relevant international markets as a result of its world-renowned quality, competence, innovation, and great entrepreneurial spirit. 

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