Taking centre stage are some of the most important solutions developed by Robopac, chosen to create the set of "Gold Brick" (#Cash), a French crime comedy directed by Jérémie Rozan, starring Raphaël Quenard, Igor Gotesman and Agathe Rousselle, available for viewing on Netflix from 6 July 2023.

Thanks to the valuable collaboration with French retailer Supra Ratiopac, Robopac provided cutting-edge solutions that helped to define the film's set design: specifically, Robot S7, the latest generation self-propelled packaging machine, the Robotape machine with side drive and the innovative Masterplat rotary table.

"Gold Brick" (#Cash) is a thrilling film, full of suspense, of empathy aroused by the narration of themes linked to power and class struggle: in this context, Robopac's machines add a modern and innovative element to the plot of the film, supporting the dynamic rhythm of the narration.

The collaboration with Supra Ratiopac - Colmar's reseller, a reference point for the French Alsace area in the supply of end-of-line solutions for secondary packaging - has amply demonstrated the great value of the partnerships that the Group has developed on a global level, promoting a global for local strategy that aims to spread the Made in Italy quality of its technologies all over the world, guaranteeing customised consultancy, design and assistance services, according to the specific needs of the local market.

In this case, the synergy between the two companies provided a new opportunity for visibility for Robopac branded machines, presenting to the general public the technologies of the Group, a leader in the field of automation and industrial packaging.

A new and highly creative context, which perfectly matches the corporate philosophy of Aetna Group projected to structure its own evolution through innovation at 360 degrees and putting people and their needs at the centre, aware of how only a real interaction between these elements can generate favourable conditions for constant and sustainable growth.


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